About Sally

Hatha Yoga classes in Barnet and Northaw, Herts., for strength and relaxation

I started teaching yoga in my fifties, having practised it since my early twenties.

I took the opportunity to train as a teacher when I was made redundant from my job as an administrator for a national charity. I trained in Bedfordshire with the Yoga for Health Foundation which covered the fundamental knowledge of the philosophy, physiology, breathing and energy practices and physical postures of Yoga.

I feel it is important to keep studying and maintaining my knowledge of yoga and I regularly attend courses with this in mind. I enjoy passing on any of this knowledge to my students in the hope that this will help them and inspire them to deepen their practice. I recently attended a course on 'Yoga and Anatomy' in London which reinstated the fact that Yoga works on all parts of the body and mind. It can also help to undo tension and discomfort in the body and is a powerful tool for quieting the mind.

I am currently teaching four classes locally, in Northaw and Hadley.


Sally Norfolk yoga classes in Barnet, Hertfordshire.