About Yoga

Hatha Yoga classes in Barnet and Northaw, Herts., for strength and relaxation

Yoga is more than physical exercise which uses slow movements. As you stretch, the body will begin to release unnecessary tension and long-held emotions.

As you focus on breathing, the mind will become still as you turn away from your everyday life.

Your breathing will become slower and more relaxed, bringing you to a calmer and more centred place.

yoga in Barnet


yoga in Barnet, Hertfordshire 

In yoga we only compete with ourselves. We listen to our bodies and respect their limitations.

We begin by clearing the mind and ‘coming into our own space’. We listen to the breath to help us to focus.

We learn to stretch the body to release tension. We gradually become more flexible, stronger, more confident, and able to breathe more efficiently and then relax more deeply through visualisation and meditation.